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Welcome to the site for serious sweepstakes and prize competitions of reputable providers. I want you to get the most beautiful experiences and winnings!

Of course all brand new and for serious raffles 2018! Don’t hesitate any longer. The BEST PROFITS are waiting for you here!

So you’re planning your next purchase?

And are you wondering about the daily prices?

Then, of course, there is also a way to save successfully!

SERIOUS FREE PROFITS wait! Here you have the opportunity to win shopping vouchers to make your next shopping tour cheaper!

In current competitions you can even win up to 500 €!

Amazingly, you can shop with it so to speak several times for free!

All you have to do is secure your chance of winning! And already you can get a trip to New York with travel raffles!

This is done by registering with a real provider!

Of course there are some things to consider here, so that one is also really admitted to the lottery:

1. provide correct contact information.

You should always enter the correct address and also provide the correct e-mail for queries.

After all, how else can you hold a profit in your hand if you have made false statements about the data?

2. Register only once with a provider.

What if perhaps one or the other tries to achieve faster, or even a greater chance of winning?

Note that multiple registrations at are prohibited from all providers.

Just ask your acquaintances, friends or colleagues if they would like to participate. This will increase your chances of winning in the correct way.

Of course, you can also share the prize or use the money to organise a nice round with a tasty meal or, thanks to the AUDI competition, drive around together with a new cart.

3. important information must be provided by the operator.

It is important here that these operators guarantee the draw and also announce when the whole thing will take place. In any case a current AGB as well as data security explanation belong to it. So you know what happens after participation.

Four. Be reachable!

Be available after the participation in any case. Because what’s the point if you may have won something but the contestant can’t contact you? For example, it would be quite annoying if you wanted to win vouchers, but they could not be sent to you.

The site is there so that you can get the best prices and participate in the competition.

What do you need for serious raffles?

Often you only have to enter a simple mail and you are immediately qualified for the draw. But are SERIOUS PROFIT GAMES WITH IMMEDIATE PROFITS also possible?

Take a look here for example for the REAL lottery.

What serious competitions are there?

Quickly find an iPhone in a mobile phone sweepstakes, or even a Samsung Win a prize for a new Galaxy S1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, so you can win a lot of the latest smartphones that will make your life easier!


Or how about a trip? Or money raffles? Sometimes there are also car raffles.

Who wouldn’t want to be given such simple luck if, for example, you can win money so easily and don’t have to do much for it? Only one click and some patience are needed here.

Why don’t you give it a try? On my site you will find the best ways to win something! POSTKARTENGEWINNSPIELE, for example, are also waiting for you.

But a warning in case of SERIOUS PROFITS FREE OF CHARGE WITHOUT REGISTRATION: If you enter wrong data, you will never be admitted to the raffle. So be sure to spell it correctly – how else can the provider contact you and present you with the prize? And don’t forget that in this sweepstakes overview you will have a look around something that might be suitable for you.

I am myself an absolute lover and fan of Apple products 🙂 That’s why you should look around! With free sweepstakes the question often arises: how do you recognize In the article, I’ll tell you that. FREE PROFITS INSTANT PROFITS WITHOUT REGISTRATION, by the way, there isn’t really any such thing. Because how else is the provider supposed to contact you? Alternative of course: Play the lottery…

What you can do with an Apple product, for example, is clear to you: take lots of photos, make phone calls, and of course surf the Internet. With this new Smartphone lottery such a product can certainly be found.

But also a journey is a nice thing. Relax in the most beautiful places in the world and make your dreams come true with serious travel raffles. A drink in the hand and you can lie in a nice bay, read a book and look at the stars in the evening. Do you get FREE PROFITS WITHOUT REGISTRATION? I don’t think so, because how can an operator contact you without registration?

But you can also conquer undiscovered places with a car. So winning a car seems to be the ideal solution here – no matter whether you want to take part in a BMW competition or an Audi competition.

You can skilfully go around the corners and edges of areas unknown to you – and make your heart glow. But also an APPLE lottery must not be missing, here you surely want to WIN the current IPHONE! Or look at you also gladly with the href=““>TELEKOMGEWINNSPIEL.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to win your wish. I know this may not always be easy. But hey: you don’t have to spend anything for participating and Daily PROFITS are waiting for you to be conquered!

A few more tips for an ONLINE raffle

Always pay attention to a German provider, read the terms and conditions carefully, always choose which contest you are personally interested in and enter your correct contact information (otherwise you won’t be informed if you win).

Now all I can do is keep my fingers crossed for you.

Here is the page where there are only certified providers for ONLINE PROFIT GAMES!

You must also keep in mind that serious lotteries with a high chance of winning are rather rare! That’s just because there’s a lot of people involved. But in the article there are some tips how you can improve this chance!

Really free raffles?

YES! Only serious raffles mean that you can participate without having to pay a fee to participate.
Therefore only a simple filling out of the form is required to be admitted for the participation. Cause you want to win a cell phone, don’t you?

But sometimes you are also interested in something like a voucher, coupon or shopping voucher, here you can find the GOOGLE PLAY GEWINNSPIEL, where you win these cards you can.

Are lotteries serious?

Is this a real chance for the lucky ones? Can you really find SERIOUS PROFITS FREE and get some of the profit?

I want to explain to you how you can make it possible to increase your chances of winning and whether lotteries are serious.

  • Users in any case:
    your real name, your real address, a real age, a real email address!

If you try to cheat at the same time, you’re not eligible. It would be a shame if you didn’t get any tasty things at the HARIBO GEWINNSPIEL.

Because, the providers must ensure that you are of age, can respond to the email address, and of course your address is correct, should they want to send you the prize.

Many people enter the wrong information, hope to obtain something, but are not allowed to do so.

What you can do to increase your chances is, for example, to ask acquaintances or family members if they don’t want to participate.

This is a very simple way for more people to get involved and probably hold a trip, vouchers or mobile devices in their hands soon. Your purchase at DM lottery can also be cheaper.

If you are on the Internet, also make sure that the providers are checked!

For example, you need to point out the privacy policy, make it possible for you to deselect the sponsors who are to be clearly identified, that you will also receive advertisements, etc.

Why Advertising?

Somehow everything has to be financed. How else could you have a BMW win or what at APPLE GEWINNSPIEL?

If you want to end up holding a trip or an expensive voucher in your hand, the whole thing has to be financed through advertising.

And that’s how it works. SERIOUS PROFIT GAMES WITH HIGHER CHANCE are however often rather unknown games. The best thing to do is to participate in many of these games.

I do not see anything reprehensible, because you should be told at this point what happens.

And even with the right providers, you always have the option of deselecting the sponsors.

If you are dissatisfied with the interesting information, you can always revoke it and unsubscribe. Unfortunately this does not apply to HANDY GEWINNSPIEL UND GEWINNEN, because then participation is invalid.

Of course, you should make sure that this is also all from a German provider who seriously holds raffles. Because these must adhere to the tightened German data protection regulations.

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So you are interested in raffles 2018?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article I will show you my favorites, so that you can hold, possibly soon also a new profit in the hand.

Yes, first I’d like to explain to you how it is to set up a competition like this.

You, as a participant, apply, so to speak, to the tender so that you can participate.

One provider, in the middle, provides the technical platform, so to speak.

And the sponsor provides the prize and you can give him the opportunity to send you promotional information.

As you can see, all parties have something to gain from it, so to speak.

And you, as a participant, have the opportunity to hopefully hold a big prize in your hand.

Do not make the following mistakes!

Ignorant people try to cheat their success together if they participate several times, but this is invalid, not allowed.

To increase your chances, here’s the rule:

  • I’m going with you out of the country, which is legal.

You can see this, for example, in the conditions of participation, which countries are allowed to participate at all.

  • See that you’re of age, too.

If this is not the case, you should either look around for other opportunities, or maybe ask older people to join in so that you can share the profits afterwards.

  • Do not enter a wrong e-mail address! Because, in the second step, you must usually always confirm that you really want to participate in your name.

If you then have no access to the e-mail address, of course you can not confirm, and will not be allowed, so to speak.

As far as the contests themselves are concerned. personally a favorite of car lottery, money lotteries, and of course also shopping voucher, such as the real lottery.

These are, so to speak, my own favorites, in the area where you can of course immediately exchange the received profit for something useful.

But sometimes it’s like you’re longing for a quick win, so you should check the date of the draw.

This can usually be far in the future, and so it is often the case that you may have the feeling that you have participated in vain.

In the general terms and conditions, you see, because that is, so to speak, duty, when the draw is.

This date is very important, and particularly respectable offerers for respectable profit plays should have printed in any case such a thing.

Free sweepstakes, like those mentioned also have something in common:

They’re really free,

Good providers also adhere to German laws, always acting in the best interest of satisfying participants!


I’m going to give you some simple advice on how to find out if I’m really serious about the best raffles or if it’s a farce!

First of all, always look at the imprint!

The supplier, should always be in Germany, because only there you have the greatest legal security, and also the data protection.

Then, it should include privacy policies where you will be informed of what happens when you participate.

In the terms and conditions, look at the time the raffle is held so you can see how long it will take before you can maybe win something.

Also, belongs to you explains how you can revoke anything.

Because, at the beginning, you have to confirm that you can also receive advertising from the sponsors of the competition.

Maybe that sounds bad to you now, but if you watch free television, you’ll also see advertisements.

And just the same, if you plan to enter a 500 € or more prize draw, you must be aware that someone has to finance it.

But, for example, you can set up a second e-mail address for yourself, and you are on the safe side, of course, only this one you should have access to, of course.

And yet, you can easily participate.

I wouldn’t take part in any case if I had to provide any credit card information, for example, or if the provider has no registered office in Germany.

And, if you have to pay something to participate, like in the lottery for example, you are also completely wrong.

We have here on the one hand, products such as smartphones, mobile phones, mobile devices. A good site where you can keep yourself informed would be for example for serious raffles at

Here the operator shows, which possibilities there are, and which are really serious!

Cause there’s one please with all the vendors you should consider. So, you should only participate with German providers. Because these guarantee, with a revocation, a guaranteed participation, and a time, when the whole raffle is raffled, that you have the possibility to win something. Of course, the whole thing also has to be financed.

This usually happens with advertising, which you can also cancel at any time, and of course you can withdraw your consent.

For free, in life, there’s not really that much, so you have to consider: if you want to win a great trip, money, or even a smartphone, you’ll usually get advertising sent to it even then afterwards.

That is why it is recommended that you send a postcard or a new e-mail address when participating in a competition, for example by post. You are then on the safe side that you will not be overwhelmed with advertising at any time.


Finding SERIOUS FREE PROFITS, even on the Internet, is not always easy.

I want to give you some advice on how to find the best providers.

Personal tone

For example, you can recognize that a personal tone is chosen and that each of these contributions is underlined with a video.

Thus, it is visible that I am not hidden behind a virtual facade, and the appearance is only faked.

So the next time you’re on the Internet, make sure that if you’re interested in a contest, you can find the right provider and the best experience.

Look into the imprint

Oh, you can get more information about that by taking a look at the imprint, which is mostly at the end of this website.

In addition it is always interesting whether the side is maintained by a private person.

This is usually more interested in building a personal relationship and bond with the readers.

And how long has the site been around?

If a lottery site has only been online for a few weeks, the question is whether it can produce genuine and authentic reports!

Only German providers for SERIOUS FREE PROFIT GAMES

For example, it should be made clear that the opportunity to win something comes only from German providers.

These are legally obliged to also offer correspondingly serious offers.

SERIOUS FREE PROFITS – what can you win?

You probably know the real supermarket!

This gives you the opportunity to win an excellent Real voucher.

Next time you can compose your purchase for free!

You don’t have to do anything but join, and,I wish you good luck that you win the lottery!

But, let me give you some advice on how to make sure that you can win the raffle more successfully!

First of all, make sure you’re of age too!

This is very important, because only when you are of age can you officially take part in such a competition.

The next one is: give a real e-mail address for SERIOUS FREE PROFITS!

Because if you’re supposed to be ready for the win, then somehow you have to be informed about it, don’t you?

Next thing you know, make sure you live in Germany!

Because, most serious offerers, may pour out only at in Germany sitting person, the raffle.

Another tip is to read the terms and conditions carefully!

It will tell you, for example, when the raffle will take place, how you will be informed about the prize, and also how long the education period is!

Then, I recommend that you participate only once!

Yes, it makes no sense to register under any false name, so if you were also legally seeking a scam. And you will certainly not be admitted to the raffle!


Above listed I have you times current raffles!

These all belong to the category of free sweepstakes, and of course serious sweepstakes!

I have divided them somewhat between car sweepstakes, money sweepstakes, under table also travel sweepstakes.

Here you see that there are an incredible number of ways that you can enter contests on the internet, win an iPhone yourself.

For example, if you want to give a gift to your loved one, you may soon be able to hold a voucher in your hand that you can redeem with a well-known travel agent.

If you are interested in new cars, the raffle might be something for you!

So you can surprise your friends and acquaintances soon with a chic new cart!

And, if you are interested in the topic of money, of course, the above-mentioned money raffle is also a possibility.

Current competitions have one thing in common:

You should always be from a reputable provider who adheres to the German data protection laws.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that this has to be funded.

On the one hand, there is always a sponsor, who of course provides the prizes.

And of course also the provider, who technically designs the whole thing, and of course also checks and handles the whole participants.

You, as a participant, can, of course, on a simple possibility, get an Secure chances how you can hold material prizes or cash prizes in your hand.

A few tips, would like to give still, so that you can increase your chances of winning!

For current raffles also use a current e-mail address!

Because, this serves your personal protection: you must always confirm the participation a second time.

Only there, you will also be admitted to the next step, and can even act as an official participant in the whole.

This may sound a bit awkward, but it serves to allow only really interested participants.

And, so to speak, you are also one of those who are particularly interested in it, and you can also improve your chance of winning again here.

  • If you are under 18, I recommend special contests that are also open to younger people.

Most of these will only be aimed at people who have reached the age of majority.

And of course, you should also come from the country where participation is allowed.

If all this does not fit, then participation is not valid, so to speak.

You are welcome to ask friends and acquaintances if they would like to join in and if you win, the next ride in the new car is also possible for two at the Nürburgring!


If you are looking for a new way to relax, you should listen carefully now, read on.

Currently there is the possibility for a travel raffle, a well-known provider, above I have added a link to you.

In principle, you don’t have to do more than click on the picture and you’ll get to the provider of the whole thing.

There will also be a contract to increase your chances of winning so that you have a better chance to participate.

Also, I’ll give you a few tips on how to find out, for example, serious sweepstakes.

If, for example, you are interested in the topic of cars, money, or even a real lottery, you are still on these values pages.

How can you increase your chances of winning?

The best thing is if you just ask a few people in the circle of acquaintances, I’ll join the group, so to speak, and see that you can swap roles or distribute them.

So, anyone can take part in it, you decide then to divide the profit, perhaps soon, simply by the number of people.

Especially when providers offer something like a money raffle, the part is of course quite simple.

On a journey, for example, you can go there and take other things with you.

In no case should you go there, simply enter the data several times, where we are at the next topic.

What in any case with free raffles should refrain!

Already as mentioned, not multiple data to enter.

Especially also be of legal age, and a residence, even in which one is located, which the provider declares in his terms of participation.

If you are outside of Germany and the provider only wants participants from Germany, it might make more sense for you to switch to other contests.

A wrong or inaccessible email address, is also the next problem: because how else are you supposed to be contacted in case of winning?

And also, according to legal conditions, you must in Germany, confirm participation, this happens in the second step.

And if you do not do the whole thing in the second step, a participation will not be valid and you will not be admitted which would be a pity of course.

Especially with big winnings, this may be sent to you.

Like make sure there’s no typos on your address.

Otherwise the provider will not be able to reach you.

So you see, there are a few things to keep in mind here.

Only certified providers!

For example, you can see that these providers of the contests in the imprint information about a hotline, or the possibility to contact them by support.

As a rule, these providers are also based in Germany.

Of course, the highest German requirements for data protection and security apply.


So you’re looking for a new car?

Then maybe the Audi lottery would be something for you!

Grab the chance to get a new card, which you can of course put in front of your front door.

What you have to do is of course to register at all.

I would also give you some advice in the following article on how to make it more effective and of course increase your chances of winning in this raffle.

This competition belongs to the category of serious lotteries, because I want you to be able to use only tested providers here, so that there is also as good a guarantee as possible to win anything at all.

If you are also interested in a shopping voucher, maybe the Real lottery or the Amazon lottery would be something for you!

These two are also free raffles where you don’t have to pay anything to participate.

If you are short of cash or would like to do something for your old age pension, you could also try the topic of winning money and watch money raffles.

The providers mentioned allow you to participate in an easy way and to register that you can hold cash in your hand in case of the raffle.

If you are interested in car raffles, of course the Audi raffle is the right thing for you, and also a href=““>BMWGewinnspiel would be the possibility.

On the subject of postcard raffles, I have found nothing really what, because this is an old form of participation.

But you can also take part in all the online lotteries in such a way that you do it on this postal way.

Whether you can increase your chance of winning is of course not yet proven.

If you have small children, or family, you can also take part in the Haribo competition and hope that you can get something newer and tastier for the family or for yourself to nibble on.

And the next trip, you can also try to make travel sweepstakes cheaper, or even get completely for free.

So you see there is an incredible wealth of ways to give your happiness a boost.

Finally, I’d like to give you some advice on how to improve your chances of winning!

Use a real e-mail address!

Because only with this, you have the possibility to confirm the participation in the second step.

If you do not do this, participation is not valid and will not be counted.

Always stay logged in!

If you unsubscribe from the lottery, you will of course not be considered for the draw.

You should know that, so always stay signed up for the raffle so that you can be sure to be signed up for the raffle by the date of the raffle.

It is also important for the Audi raffle that you get along with the right conditions of participation right from the start!

If you’re mostly from Germany. this is usually unproblematic, but the providers already check very carefully whether you will be admitted to the draw, for example by coming from the right country, or if you are of legal age.

So you see, there are a few things to consider, but then you are on the safe side to get as big a chance as possible for the raffle and the prize in the Audi raffle.


So you want to win coupons?

Then I’m going to give you some advice on how to maximize your chances of winning!

First of all, it must be said that it is possible, if you take part in something like this, shopping vouchers, can win in the three-digit range!

You want in?

The only thing you have to do is to register with an e-mail address.

Immediately, you can take part in the raffle within seconds.

Nevertheless, some people try to bring their happiness forward with false possibilities, I would like to warn you about that!

If you intend to participate with a false e-mail address, or an incorrect address, or even a pseudonym, or a false name, you will not be admitted.

But what you can do is to ask your friends, your neighbours, your family to register.

This is a permitted way to increase your chances of winning and win more prizes.

Also, I strongly recommend that you use an email address that you have access to.

Because you always have to confirm in a second step that you really want to participate in the call!

Many simply go there and enter a wrong address, which cannot be confirmed, and they are automatically rejected.

So you’re missing the easy way to win money, vouchers, smartphones, or other cool stuff!

Then I strongly recommend that you also join a reputable provider.

Serious sweepstakes are always free and you don’t take any risks.

The providers, must adhere to the German data protection, and everywhere you make clear, what happens with it, or for which advertisement you agree.

Because there is one thing, it has to be said, that in order for the whole thing to be financed and calculated, it will be to send you advertising.

Because ask yourself: the free television, is the same!


There are many ways to improve your household budget. One would be, for example, to be interested in SERIOUS PROFIT GAMES WITH IMMEDIATE PROFITS!

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your income, or maybe soon to show up with a new car on your doorstep, or to take your sweetheart with you on an interesting trip, please read on now!

Because there are a few points that they should pay attention to in any case, so that they are allowed to participate at all.

You should in any case be of legal age, come from Germany, and of course have taken a look at the conditions of participation.

In it, you will usually find helpful hints on when the draw is, when the date of the draw is, or other important information.

Of course this is often overlooked, but this is the best way to inform yourself.

Also, you will usually find there the supplier for the whole thing, and should see if this supplier of the contest has the seat in Germany.

Then he must adhere to the highest protection of their data, and of course also provide an optimal technical platform, so that everything functions smoothly, so to speak!


Not only that you can win cars, money, or even air travel, you should definitely orient yourself to only participate in reputable providers.

These can usually be recognized by the imprint, by the loading time of the page, or also in general, how simple the handling is.

Also, there should always be the possibility to choose from which sponsor to receive promotional materials.

This possibility must of course be left to the sponsor, otherwise expensive prizes in kind would be awarded by the Financing not possible.

A few more important pieces of advice to them is: don’t take part in a lottery more than once.

They do not increase their chances, they may even threaten to be completely excluded from the raffle.

Either ask acquaintances or switch to other contests.

So you can be on the safe side that they are really approved.

And, probably, they will also get the opportunity to hold a current iPhone in their hands, and maybe a cash prize, or even a new car.

So you see, even if you pay attention to these few little advices, you can increase your chance of winning, if you are interested in current sweepstakes, the site mentioned is of course a good and tested provider, which lists current sweepstakes.


Dust off brand new great winnings!

Join us now and get great prizes! Wait for free raffles!

Who participates here wins by choosing the right provider!

But not only that, this supplier also offers high quality products at reasonable prices.

So you’re always on the winning side here!

With a little luck, smile the messengers of luck at you!

And you can join, from various offers even in the market that wants out what is attractive for you!

Cars, washing machines or gift vouchers are possible!

Now simply participate in this raffle, and if you are successful in the raffle, this voucher, buy in the next market!

That’s why I recommend you join him now! It also belongs to the category of serious sweepstakes.

Do not hesitate any longer!

By the way, the retail chain was founded in 1992!

The largest part of the turnover, as generated by food!

Thus, household goods, electrical appliances, books, rentals, textiles and on footwear are produced.

Also carriage, and brand articles, are offered as trade marks!

Yes, there were some restructuring measures in 2010.

Thus opened a new branch in Lübeck, and had even opened until 24.

Of course there were also strikes, but these were quickly settled.

Thus, just a few years later, the market again achieved greater sales potential!

In 2015, some branches unfortunately had to close and this meant the withdrawal from the collective bargaining agreement.

Which, of course, many employees have found disadvantageous.

As an incredibly new development, a self-service checkout was added, whereby the customers themselves the train can scan one, and even pay for it without cash.

This is fast, problem-free, and easy!

Real is a retail chain, and belongs to the Metro!

Most of the turnover is generated by food, but also other things of the household.

It is especially interesting for you when you can hold a shopping voucher in your hands.

Playing in a Real competition would then be a chance for you to make your next purchase cheaper.

Especially for the company, it would be very lucrative, because we all know that today’s food and living costs have increased and are expensive.

But, you know from experience, many people try to shorten things or use tricks.

I’m warning you!

The people who run a contest like this aren’t stupid!

They know exactly whether, for example, you have participated several times, whether the address is correct at all, or whether you perhaps use any e-mail addresses that only serve to keep unwanted advertising away.

I strongly advise against it!

Real Raffle: A Simple Tip

Always use an email address that you have access to.

Because you often have to confirm in the second step that you really want to take part in the competition.

And, you should be of age, too.
If you are not, you may not participate in many of these advertisements.

I know it’s a shame, but that’s not what it’s all about.

But you are welcome to ask your parents, I think they are also interested in making their next purchase cheaper.