So you’re looking for an Amazon raffle? Then you’ve come to the right place for serious sweepstakes!

In the upper area, you will find my recommendation, in which you can also participate right away!

You have the possibility to win an Amazon voucher, so I recommend you to click on the picture above, and you will already get to the page of the Amazon voucher raffle, which belongs to the category shopping vouchers, such as the real raffle!

But if you want to participate successfully in such an Amazon lottery, there are some things to keep in mind, which I will explain to you right now! Of course it’s free too.

Do not hesitate any longer!

Because you must always remember that at some point the raffle will be over!

Then there’s no more chance for you to participate!

So go right there, sign up, and get your chance to get an Amazon shopping voucher!

Pay attention to the conditions of participation!

For example, if you are not of legal age, participation in free sweepstakes is prohibited by law.

So you would have to go there, ask a parent or guardian, or ask your parents that they can participate for you.

A good idea, because it can save a lot of money with the next purchase!

Real country!

You should also come from the country which is possible for admission!

For example, if the competition is only allowed in Germany, but you live in Austria, you are not allowed.

The Participation would not be successful in this case, it would be a pity if you participate.

So, look what country you’re from!

Join in with a real email address!

This has the background that in the second step you always have to confirm that you really want to participate.

This serves to protect the participants, so that they are not entered without permission, for example.

So if you have misspelled the email address or it is incorrect, you will not be able to confirm your participation and waste your chance to participate.


Also pay attention to the times when the raffle will be distributed.

Especially with expensive contests, it is the case that a draw can take some time, so tolerate something in this area as well.

Increase your chances of winning!

Such an Amazon contest is of course very popular!

Many people will participate, which of course reduces the chance of winning, especially a car lottery or money lotteries are coveted!

Therefore, do not go there under any circumstances, and register several times, because another e-mail address, or another name, or anything else, would also be invalid here when participating.

But you are welcome to ask Freude, or acquaintances, that they participate for you in these online lotteries.

So you can easily increase your chance of winning, but of course you have to divide the profit and you.

So you see, there’s one or two things to consider when you want to participate in such an opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card!

Therefore, pay attention to the mentioned points, such as age of majority, correct e-mail address, and the correct country, then you belong if you successfully confirmed your participation, already to the possible winners! By the way, here you can find the current raffles.