You want to win an Audi?

Then it is important that they pay attention to tested providers.

For example, they should come from Germany, be reachable via a hotline, and of course only use their data with their consent.

This is very important so that they are not passed on frivolously, as, for example, frivolous providers of prize competitions do.

Especially with the topic of a new car, there are a lot of providers who do this raffle, and it is important to keep a good overview of what really a good competition or raffle represents.

Please pay attention to the conditions of participation, to have someone as contact person and that you have to confirm your participation also in the second step.

Dubious providers versus reputable lottery providers do this well and gladly, and do without this confirmation.

This is not allowed and it does not show any professionalism.

Serious lottery providers who are also serious about winning Audi ask for the e-mail address in the second step.

This is to protect them and not to mistakenly try to log in.

Nevertheless, remember to enter with a valid e-mail address and to enter from a country that is also eligible for the raffle, that you are over 18 years old.

If you keep these points in mind, there’s nothing standing in the way of successful participation, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you’ll hopefully be one of the winners.

But please be patient, sometimes the draw can take up to a year, and we recommend that you enter the date of the draw in a calendar, for example, so that you are always up to date.