I’m going to give you some simple advice on how to find out if I’m really serious about the best raffles or if it’s a farce!

First of all, always look at the imprint!

The supplier, should always be in Germany, because only there you have the greatest legal security, and also the data protection.

Then, it should include privacy policies where you will be informed of what happens when you participate.

In the terms and conditions, look at the time the raffle is held so you can see how long it will take before you can maybe win something.

Also, belongs to you explains how you can revoke anything.

Because, at the beginning, you have to confirm that you can also receive advertising from the sponsors of the competition.

Maybe that sounds bad to you now, but if you watch free television, you’ll also see advertisements.

And just the same, if you plan to enter a 500 € or more prize draw, you must be aware that someone has to finance it.

But, for example, you can set up a second e-mail address for yourself, and you are on the safe side, of course, only this one you should have access to, of course.

And yet, you can easily participate.

I wouldn’t take part in any case if I had to provide any credit card information, for example, or if the provider has no registered office in Germany.

And, if you have to pay something to participate, like in the lottery for example, you are also completely wrong.

We have here on the one hand, products such as smartphones, mobile phones, mobile devices. A good site where you can keep yourself informed would be for example for serious raffles at www.blogfeuer.de.

Here the operator shows, which possibilities there are, and which are really serious!

Cause there’s one please with all the vendors you should consider. So, you should only participate with German providers. Because these guarantee, with a revocation, a guaranteed participation, and a time, when the whole raffle is raffled, that you have the possibility to win something. Of course, the whole thing also has to be financed.

This usually happens with advertising, which you can also cancel at any time, and of course you can withdraw your consent.

For free, in life, there’s not really that much, so you have to consider: if you want to win a great trip, money, or even a smartphone, you’ll usually get advertising sent to it even then afterwards.

That is why it is recommended that you send a postcard or a new e-mail address when participating in a competition, for example by post. You are then on the safe side that you will not be overwhelmed with advertising at any time.