You want to win a car? Why does an age barrier make sense?

It is often the case that a minimum age of 18 years is set for these contests.

Because, only for adults, are approved for these.

This is mainly due to the fact that in the raffle, something is paid out, or a product is handed over.

Of course, there is also a competition for young people, but that is also stated in the conditions of participation.

So take a really close look, not that you may be under 18, and then you wonder why you can’t participate.

With the input mask it is also the case that its age is often asked.

For example, if you are under 18, you could ask your parents to join, or maybe your friends, who may be older.


But then you have to clarify who and how the winnings will be divided if someone has won the whole thing.

The background to all these contests

The goal behind this is to win new customers for companies.

On the other hand, as a participant, you can also get the opportunity for a free price, money, travel, holiday, vouchers, shopping vouchers.

And, in the course of your participation, you will also be asked personalized questions, which you decide which more specific products you are then interested in.

You can also say right from the start that certain sponsors are not interested, or that you are thrilled to receive the new magazine’s official Quelle catalogue.

And also, you should keep in mind

  • Your data, remain with the organizer of the tender!

This is not only legally intended, but also provided for! So that everything is on the safe legal side.

This data will not be passed on to third parties if it is are audited suppliers, or used for other third purposes.

Only the sponsors with whom you have consented may, of course, contact you.

Because they share or are also reason why the whole thing takes place as a raffle.

In for nothing, is like much in life just not even the Internet.

Not serious suppliers have primarily bad intentions!

You want information, market it illegally to third parties, and you are then overwhelmed with a plethora of unwanted advertising!

It is also possible that your credit card will be asked for your bank details or other information, which will only bother you afterwards.

To prevent that, you should take a good look at winning a car!

  • Is a German provider?
  • Is there an imprint?
  • Is the provider known as a company?
  • Have you raffled any winnings in the past?
  • Is a raffle period specified?
  • Is there a hotline?
  • And call them during business hours, for example!

So you’re on the ultimate safe side that you haven’t ended up in any trap from foreign companies that don’t just want to draw the table if you want to win a car.