The possibilities for a DM lottery.

Let us first of all record what species there are!

There is a competition for practically every form of thing, product or service.

This can be a car, a holiday trip, a shopping voucher, a flight, and many other things that can make daily life more beautiful.

Many people are a fan of winning shopping vouchers, because they make the next time you shop, the purchase cheaper.

So that everything is free for you, the participant, you of course agree that the sponsors can also contact you to send you valuable product information.

The data will not be resold or passed on to any other third parties.

This is even illegal, and can be prosecuted.

So, note that you don’t have to worry.

Also, at the very beginning of the registration process, choose from which sponsors you would like to receive letters.

Maybe the new BMW Magazine is interesting for you? Or maybe a new catalogue of the latest fashions and clothing is really interesting after all.

Then that would be over.

Not only do you help create more contests, you also help the sponsor send you targeted information that enriches your life.

But there are also black sheep out there!

These are the people who are asking for money to participate!

That is absolutely not allowed!

Even if you have to fill out some strange poll to get a lottery unlocked for you later, it’s not really good either.

That’s why we don’t recommend taking part in this.

What is the purpose of this DM lottery anyway?

Simply explained, there are several parties here.

On the back side, there are the Sponsors.

They hope to win new customers by supporting the competition. And these pay a remuneration to the supplier.

On the middle side, there is the provider who takes care of the remuneration of the advertising partners, payment, distribution, and many other technical things.

On the other hand, the participant hopefully holding his winnings in his hands at the end of the draw.

Sometimes you just have to fill out a questionnaire, and already, you are on the next round, perhaps a price in the hand to hold!

Here it goes that for the participant, hopefully helpful solutions, for the problems of the everyday life can be given.

In this way, they receive targeted information, and the sponsor knows exactly how I can help someone.

So, all three parties get something out of it.

How do I recognize serious DM raffles for free?

Sponsors try to build up a new customer base through them.

This is quite expensive for now!

If the participant pays a small fee to participate, this money is used for refinancing.

This can be for the lottery itself, but it can also be for new lotteries.

If there are regular winners, one can speak of really only good providers, as a rule these are also published in the raffle.

You should therefore take a look at the company’s website, where you can often see who has won something in the past.

And, as a tip it is recommended to always look at the imprint to use German providers, this of course also to the German data protection adhere.

All in all, perhaps in recent years have fallen into disrepute, but these games offer a good opportunity for nothing more than an email address, perhaps in the future a brand new smartphone, or an expensive Shopping voucher, or a trip to the winnings!

And if you’re afraid of too much, you can still participate by postcard.