Who doesn’t like to take part in free competitions and get one or the other prize for free? That way you can get some nice stuff for free, if you know how. In this article we show you what is possible and what you have to pay attention to.

Decades ago you filled out postcards or took part in competitions in magazines, today you can find countless providers of competitions in the endless vastness of the World Wide Web. Often, you can really win big, because on some websites you can win cars, trips or even large sums of cash.

Sounds too good to be true? No these pages really exist, because companies want to draw attention to their products or collect data for market research and this is possible with a lottery. In this way they reach many potential customers and do not have to spend so much money. In most cases a lottery is cheaper for the company than to place nationwide advertisements.

Where to find serious sweepstakes

One of the reputable sites on the net is certainly the provider of online poker PokerStars. He is known for offering his players attractive prize games on a regular basis, such as two years ago when a href=”http://www.pokerstarsblog.de/de/blog/2016/pca-gewinnspiel-160075.shtml”>prize packages and goodies were available for the 2016 PokerStars Carribean Adventure. The BMW car giant also frequently offers competitions on its website. Currently there is even one of five exclusive BMW Cruise Bikes to win there A serious site has definitely a Imprint, a contact page and conditions of participation. Here you will find information about what can be won, who can participate, how you will be informed about the prize and more.

Pay attention to imprint and contact pages

Among the countless serious sweepstakes websites, it can also happen that some just want to collect your data. If you don’t have a good feeling about a page, then you shouldn’t enter any data there either. Have a look at the imprint of the page, if you can find all company data and an e-mail address, then you can take part in the contest. If you are not sure whether the website is serious or not, you can also search for reviews or critiques about a search engine, because often there are numerous clues if a company belongs to the black sheep. Since we want you to take part in serious sweepstakes, it is best to take a look at the sweepstakes on our site. Here you can be sure that the contests offered are serious and that you will not have any trouble with a fake contest.

What has changed with the EU data protection regulation?

In the past, many companies offered free sweepstakes if the participant accepted the newsletter in return and provided his name, address and e-mail address. Since May 2018, however, the legal situation has been somewhat different: With the DSGVO’s prohibition on tying in Article 7(4), consent is only valid if the performance of a contract is independent of the consent to processing which is not necessary for the purpose of the contract”. This means that you no longer have to accept the sending of a newsletter or an advertising folder when participating in a competition.

Tips for Online Sweepstakes

Since there are thousands and thousands of sweepstakes and contests on the net, and just as many participants participate, it can often be difficult to get a good chance of winning. If you regularly take part in competitions, your chances will also increase. You should prefer lotteries where there are valuable prizes to be won. Because if you’re lucky, you’ve made a really good catch. Sweepstakes that require more effort to participate, such as puzzles or photo calls, attract fewer players and increase your chances.

As you can see, there are many tips on how to gain an advantage in competitions. To be on the safe side, you should always check the imprint, read the terms and conditions, and only participate if the site seems trustworthy to you. There are many serious lottery providers on the net who offer great prizes and whose lotteries are really fun.