So, you want to use free raffles to get winnings, maybe travel, money, cars, or shopping vouchers?

Then you should first figure out how to recognize something like that.

Always look at the fine print!!

You can see if the provider is based in Germany, if there is a hotline so that you can call someone, you can see when the raffle is, and many other things that will help you decide that you are on the right side.

Because if you take part in it, you want to be on the safe side that the participation is correct, with a high probability to a profit can reach!

The problem here is that sometimes dubious providers, either using your credit card, make false promises, and do not respect privacy.

Free sweepstakes should be tested!

So you can have the certainty that you are participating in a German provider, which of course is also legally obliged to make participation possible and to guarantee it.

But a lot of people complain that they might not win anything.

However, this is often due to the fact that they simply do not adhere correctly to the conditions of participation!

This way, attempts are made to enter the same information several times and the only result is that the participation is invalid.

An incorrect e-mail address is used in the hope that this will not be detected.

But that’s just negligence, too.

The providers must even protect themselves from only allowing the participation of people who really enter true data!

Because it’s also about sending the prize to the right address, more importantly: the person actually exists physically and in reality.

The sponsors, therefore, can’t just send the prize somewhere that it’s there isn’t one.

If you have doubts whether the provider is really checked, serious, trustworthy, just call the hotline!

If customer service is behind the whole contest, you can be sure that everything is available with good things.

Practise patience

Especially in the case of very expensive tenders, it can happen that an unbelievable number of people take part and yet somehow the whole participation has to be financed.

So, you should also make sure when the raffle period is.

increase opportunities

And if you want to increase your chances of participating:

  • Just ask your friends and acquaintances if you might start a community in which you support each other, and if you have something in your hand, you might be able to buy something from each other and divide it up!
    Friends, family, acquaintances, are mostly allowed to participate.

Double entries, wrong entries, do not help you, and are invalid, your chance is wasted!

So if you’re looking for free sweepstakes, you’re in the right place on this page, and you’ll always be shown a recommendation from a certified German provider, with which you can hold as interesting a prize as possible in the sweepstakes in your hand if you’ve won.