Of course there are also black sheep in a Google Play lottery!

Therefore, you should read the privacy policy, the terms of participation, and the imprint carefully!

Even if you participate, there should be the possibility to have a look at the sponsors from which you would like to receive helpful products and information about them later.

Once you’re skeptical, maybe you should switch to another one.

But how can I increase the chance of winning in a Google Play competition?

We must not forget that there are many people involved!

And again, here is often tried to manipulate, or cheat here!

  • It is quite simple to try to give a wrong e-mail address, and thus to lie and cheat.

I strongly advise against it, because with wrong input, the participation is absolutely invalid!

And as a further step, the operator can also reach no one.

If you would like to increase your chances of winning, then ask your friends and acquaintances to participate, and you can divide the profit later.

  • Especially in large lottery, such as cars in the range of several 10,000 €, the draw time is quite long!
  • You can also see that in the conditions, there is an appointment in it, until when the game runs.

Because that everything is financed in such a way if suddenly a new BMW, Mercedes, or Audi is to stand before the front door.

You just can’t give up, it’s just like playing the lottery!

Yeah, the more you’re in, the more chance you have of winning something.

For free sweepstakes applies:

  • Of course they cost nothing.

Because, from the combination of participant, provider, and sponsor, it is again possible that the prizes will be free later in the raffle, just as participation is free. is.

Because somehow, the whole thing has to be funded, but works?!

You have to pay something for that!

I don’t think it’s gambling, like lottery.

Even if the profits are smaller, it is not really worth spending money on it.

Because one must also not forget the background, it is a marketing instrument to generate new customers in order to win by taking a targeted look at what might come into question.

  • Take part in one of these contests, and you will often get a questionnaire at the end, which serves to offer you really helpful information and products that will make your life easier.

Playing a real lottery is different.

If no prize money is paid out, the whole thing is put back into a jackpot.

And, maybe the next one, always has the chance to win several million.

It’s different for free sweepstakes.

Once the car is raffled and drawn, then it is also gone, and must be refinanced again.

It’s a little more complicated than that.

The biggest concern: bombing with advertising

Really honest providers, first send only what you have agreed to.

At the very beginning you can choose from which sponsor you would like to receive information.

Also at the end, the questionnaire, you can decide if there are any interesting topics for you.

  • So you don’t have to reckon with 50 e-mails a day.

That’s the simple tip.

And if you’re worried, you can set up an e-mail address.

Simply, as I said, set up a new address that is really only used for sweepstakes.

I recommend that you use the Spam folder, because if you are notified that you have won something that may have mistakenly sent the email to that folder, you should be notified. Folder to send to them the whole also no more.