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In the following article, I want to tell you something about online competitions! I’ll introduce you to what my favorites are, how you can increase your chances of winning, and what you should definitely avoid in order not to jeopardize your participation!

What are my favorites in the online sweepstakes section?

First and foremost, money would be sweepstakes, where you have the opportunity to reach fabulous up to 5000 €.

If you like shopping, you might be interested in the Real lottery, where you can make your next purchase cheaper.

If you like to go on journeys, of course also for you travelling lotteries are a possibility, with which you can take your partner or acquaintance with you.

However, you should always make sure that these are serious lotteries and that they are also as free as possible lotteries.

Of course, you can also take part in a contest you have to pay for.

Probably then the chance of winning is also higher, because fewer people take part.

But, on this page, I do not offer any information on the subject in this direction.

Most readers will be interested in serious sweepstakes for free.

How can you increase your chances of winning?

Search for current raffles – you can see this e.g. in the conditions of participation.

The best thing would be for you to do it honestly.

The means that you do not register more than once, otherwise your participation will be invalid.

If you want to increase your chances because you want to win an iPhone, take part in several raffles!

You can also like to ask known questions, if they help you, so that the later profit can be divided between you.

You need some patience already, because many of the raffles are in far in the future.

That’s not really bad at first, because it’s one of the conditions of every competition.

But you should keep in mind that you have to be patient here.

What you should definitely refrain from!

As already mentioned, do not participate several times in one of these tenders.

Because, as already said: then the participation would probably be invalid.

You should also see which countries are allowed. If, for example, only Germany is admitted and your residence is in Australia, participation is not valid here either.

Many providers expect to be of legal age in order to be on the legally secure side here as well.

So, if you are younger, the above-mentioned calls for tenders may not be for you.

Also make sure that there are no transposed numbers in the address, or perhaps the e-mail address is misspelled.

Because: in the second step, you must always confirm the participation, this serves for your own safety.

Therefore make sure that your e-mail address is up to date, that you have access to it.

Only if you have confirmed, you can really participate validly.

Special spam email addresses will be filtered out well and gladly, and then deny you the participation.

In conclusion, one can say!

Online sweepstakes are a good way to get a free way to secure a possibility, how to hold a potential price in your hand.