So you’re looking for postcard games?

Then a warning!

Increasing your chance of winning isn’t that easy!

Therefore, pay attention to the following tips for competitions by postcard!

Of course, there are always people who take part in a lottery and also hold a prize in their hands.

There are a few simple tricks you can use to increase your chances.

First of all, you need some luck of course, but with the following tricks and tips, you can maximize your success.

The simple rule, and this also applies to postcard games:

Take part in as many lotteries as possible!

In principle, like anyone who does something successful, the old rule applies here as well:

A lot helps a lot.

And especially if you want to take part in a lottery by postcard, it is advisable to have a stamp made containing your address.

So, you can handle the whole thing even faster.

Of course, some money goes away from it, but of course you’re already way ahead in the crowd, and you can also avoid all the usual mistakes, such as a typed e-mail address with which you have to confirm something, or maybe a number twister in the house number, or your address mistyped or something else, which could prevent you from participating successfully.

My favourites and, in which you can also take part by postcard, are, for example, the REAL GEWINNSPIEL or also GELD GEWINNSPIELE.

An IPHONE GEWINNEN is of course also possible!

However, it must also be borne in mind here that very many of the href=““>serious lotteries, and the chance of holding a little later in the hand here is small.

Of course, if you submit something in writing, your chances for FREE PROFITS will be better.

There are simply fewer participants, so that the competition is less, and of course the raffle then more likely to meet you.

Also take a look at the conditions: some of the contests allow you to participate several times. Most, like travel raffles, will prohibit it, but maybe you can increase your chance by simply filling out a few more cards.

If you still decide to take part in an Internet contest, I recommend that you set up a special e-mail address that you can also check regularly.

If you are successful in the raffle, the provider will contact you, and what is even more important:

  • Of course, you must have access to it so that you can confirm your participation.

Also a trick, which we can use for example with Gmail

Insert the + after the actual e-mail address:

This will then be considered a new mail, but all messages sent to it will end up at your main address.

So, you can also filter very easily what has happened in a lottery advertising, and what comes to your actual main address.


But let’s come back to the main advantage if you participate in writing:

  • By shining out in the broad masses, you can increase the chance, and potentially hold cool wins in your hand.

One last tip

utility thick cardboard, if you send it, it will be clearly in the stack in front of the other cards, and send it in shortly before the closing date.

Then, if you don’t mix well, you’re more likely to get your card drawn, or even be high up.


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