So you are interested in raffles 2018?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article I will show you my favorites, so that you can hold, possibly soon also a new profit in the hand.

Yes, first I’d like to explain to you how it is to set up a competition like this.

You, as a participant, apply, so to speak, to the tender so that you can participate.

One provider, in the middle, provides the technical platform, so to speak.

And the sponsor provides the prize and you can give him the opportunity to send you promotional information.

As you can see, all parties have something to gain from it, so to speak.

And you, as a participant, have the opportunity to hopefully hold a big prize in your hand.

Do not make the following mistakes!

Ignorant people try to cheat their success together if they participate several times, but this is invalid, not allowed.

To increase your chances, here’s the rule:

  • I’m going with you out of the country, which is legal.

You can see this, for example, in the conditions of participation, which countries are allowed to participate at all.

  • See that you’re of age, too.

If this is not the case, you should either look around for other opportunities, or maybe ask older people to join in so that you can share the profits afterwards.

  • Do not enter a wrong e-mail address! Because, in the second step, you must usually always confirm that you really want to participate in your name.

If you then have no access to the e-mail address, of course you can not confirm, and will not be allowed, so to speak.

As far as the contests themselves are concerned. personally a favorite of car lottery, money lotteries, and of course also shopping voucher, such as the real lottery.

These are, so to speak, my own favorites, in the area where you can of course immediately exchange the received profit for something useful.

But sometimes it’s like you’re longing for a quick win, so you should check the date of the draw.

This can usually be far in the future, and so it is often the case that you may have the feeling that you have participated in vain.

In the general terms and conditions, you see, because that is, so to speak, duty, when the draw is.

This date is very important, and particularly respectable offerers for respectable profit plays should have printed in any case such a thing.

Free sweepstakes, like those mentioned also have something in common:

They’re really free,

Good providers also adhere to German laws, always acting in the best interest of satisfying participants!