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By the way, the retail chain was founded in 1992!

The largest part of the turnover, as generated by food!

Thus, household goods, electrical appliances, books, rentals, textiles and on footwear are produced.

Also carriage, and brand articles, are offered as trade marks!

Yes, there were some restructuring measures in 2010.

Thus opened a new branch in Lübeck, and had even opened until 24.

Of course there were also strikes, but these were quickly settled.

Thus, just a few years later, the market again achieved greater sales potential!

In 2015, some branches unfortunately had to close and this meant the withdrawal from the collective bargaining agreement.

Which, of course, many employees have found disadvantageous.

As an incredibly new development, a self-service checkout was added, whereby the customers themselves the train can scan one, and even pay for it without cash.

This is fast, problem-free, and easy!

Real is a retail chain, and belongs to the Metro!

Most of the turnover is generated by food, but also other things of the household.

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