Samsung lottery wanted? Improve your chance of winning now!

It is unlikely that a provider will refuse to pay out the raffle!

Legally, they are obliged to do so, but can withdraw under exceptions, such as a damaged lottery.

In order to find the best winnings, the Samsung lottery helps you to find the right provider with a high chance of winning in the Samsung lottery section!

Cancelled sweepstakes?

That can be, for example, if for some reason, the whole must be canceled.

That may be unfortunate, but it cannot be changed in this case.

But there are black sheep who only have advertising in the background.

Therefore I recommend to use only certified suppliers from the German-speaking area, with company headquarters also in Germany or Austria.

This is because they are legally obliged to distribute the prizes to the winners.

You will also find this in the Klei printed conditions of participation!

You should also have read these once.

The companies, as a rule, use the same entry conditions for all of these contests, but you should still have read about it.

Is there a minimum age?
When’s the raffle?
When is participation valid?

For example, it is invalid to use wrong e-mail addresses, or even wrong addresses or wrong person.

So you really have to participate as a real person, then participation is invalid.

So that you are really safe, there is also a confirmation e-mail at the end, which you have to click again.

Very important, in many cases, if you overlook them, or they might end up in the spam folder, the participation is invalid!

I’ll summarize again to increase your chances of winning!

Correct contact information, correct e-mail, over 18, and participate in several different raffles!

That’s not a bad thing, but it all increases the likelihood that you will hold a prize in your hand, and a chance to win is increased in a Samsung sweepstakes!

Suppliers abroad?

Unfortunately, there are also many unfortunate incidents where the prizes are not raffled, or for any reason, legal difficulties arise.

Just avoid the participation, with foreign providers, and do not enter your data there in any case!

Advertising is allowed

It’s basically like watching free television!

It’s just like reading a cheap newspaper.

So the whole thing is financed so that you can hold a price in your hand at the end.

This can be a trip, a holiday, a voucher, or even a cash prize, which will then be presented to you!

It is easy to distinguish the good suppliers from the black sheep!

You must agree to the terms of participation, and to the privacy policy.

The sponsors must be clearly identifiable and you have the opportunity to unsubscribe them.

The winnings are clearly visible and there is no promise of winning in any way.

With these little stories, the wheat separates from the chaff, and you quickly find out the black sheep!

And you are on the safe side to use really serious lotteries from certified German providers!