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Serious sweepstakes free of charge on the Internet quite simply discover!

One may wonder whether free sweepstakes are really serious sweepstakes.

Unfortunately, there is no longer the best reputation among the participants.

Because it is often lured too often, with indescribably large prizes, like money sweepstakes.

But, one must not forget that these sweepstakes, a good way how companies can contact in a simple way with a customer can be.

AND participants can win big prizes in a car raffle!

There are many black sheep who either don’t pay out winnings, or simply do unfair things with the participants‘ information.

But, there are many companies that not only handle the contact information carefully, but also guarantee the payout.

It is important that you choose the best online sweepstakes that you can offer here.

You have to check the following things:

  • is the provider based in Germany and complies with the data protection guidelines there?
  • If the raffle is guaranteed, this can be seen in the conditions of participation!
  • Is it possible to unsubscribe from the advertising material?
  • Can one agree, or even refuse, to receive information from the sponsors at all?

All this is part of getting a real profit later.

The raffle is usually random, this must also be stated in the conditions of participation.

Don’t forget, that for the participants, the satisfaction stands in the foreground.

Of course you need a lot of luck to take part in such a contest and win something, but then you can even win an iPhone.

Just when many people participate, it is not so likely to win anything, but, in addition, there is the possibility to participate in several tenders!

A few tips for this!

No way, log in with a wrong name!

The providers punish this by declaring the participation invalid.

Multiple registrations are also not allowed.

All this is stated in the conditions of participation, which should be read carefully.

If you are completely in doubt, you should of course also set up a second e-mail address.

And for the most secure, you can also make participation by mail, or postcard, as with POSTKARTENGEWINNSPIELE!

It is important that everything is free!

Who wants to pay for a competition?

Because this should be free of charge.

Sometimes it is only necessary to register with an e-mail address!

Here, actually good profits attract potential customers, such as current smartphones, iPads, or even money profits!

In some of these tenders, the products are so popular that you can even select more than one, even for travel competitions.

Especially great are vouchers!

So you can choose at which of your favorite shopping centers, you can have some more money the next time you shop in the cashier, see: REAL LOTTERY.

The request should therefore always be, with one of the personal dream product and, at the end of the draw time, wait for the exciting prize!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this and hope to win something on my way to serious competitions!