Then I will now give you my tips in this article.

Note that you only select sweepstakes from reputable providers.

You can recognize this by the fact that the information can be found in the imprint, and the AGBs, how you can recognize this provider.

Make sure that the tender is from a German bidder.

You can also find this in the imprint for SMARTPHONE GEWINNSPIEL.

This has to do with the fact that providers from a German-speaking country have to adhere to stricter legal conditions and also have to offer something like customer service.

Then I have to disappoint you, because most pages with a quick win are only a deception.

If you really want to get an instant prize, you’d better play the lottery.

You can find out right after you pay if you won.

Most SMARTPHONE PLAYS have a draw period, which you can also find in the Terms and Conditions.

So after you have participated in the bidding, you have to wait until the raffle has taken place and you are informed about your possible win.

You should also go there and provide your correct contact information. Because what is it, imagine, you really won something, the provider can’t contact you?

It is also the case that participation is legally invalid if you try to trick the provider with false information.


I will recommend the following advice:

Always choose a competition from a German provider.

You can see this in the general terms and conditions, and in the imprint.

That has to do with the fact that German offerers, tightened according to the German data security depend I have to.

They are also legally bound to delete you from their lists if you no longer wish to participate in a raffle.

There is also something like a customer service here, should you have any questions about the contests themselves.

Search for suppliers who guarantee the tender.

For example, you can find a date of the raffle in the general terms and conditions.

At this time the providers are held, and they must trigger the profit until this time.

See if the providers have general terms and conditions.

This also shows once again that the provider is trustworthy.

Go there, too, and use your real contact information.

Because in the case of the raffle it is of no use if the provider cannot contact you.

So make sure that you have entered your correct contact information!