Is it possible to dust something off in a Telekom lottery?

First of all, it has to be said that there are several parties!

On the one hand, we have the companies that want to get in touch with a customer, a new customer.

They act as sponsors, so to speak, and hope to reach new potential customers in the raffle.

The middleman is the one who runs the sweepstakes.

Unfortunately, these companies have often fallen into disrepute.

Because data misuse has also been committed!

It is therefore difficult to distinguish the interesting suppliers from the black sheep.

And, on the last page, is the raffle participant who hopes to hold a prize in his hand for serious raffles at the end.

But how do you recognize serious lottery providers?

A few tips for this.

Is the supplier in Germany?

Are there any conditions for participation?

Is a raffle guaranteed?

Do well-known websites advertise this competition?

Can I unsubscribe from the sponsors, if I don’t want to receive an offer from them?

Does the whole Telekom lottery work without problems?

And can you even take part in the postcard?

So you see, there are some things that you should consider if I should fall into a trap to!

In order not to be in the dark, I recommend this page for serious lotteries.

And, with many of these providers it is also the case that you have to confirm your consent several times.

So if you really want to receive mail wild, you must finally confirm your email address again!

This serves the double protection, and has several reasons!

On the one hand, you confirm that you really want to take part, on the other hand, you allow the provider to contact you and, if possible, the sponsors, who are interested in you. to send product proposals.

And, with a little luck, you can win something as soon as the draw is time!

  • This combination of the three factors should be sufficiently tested! Because sometimes there is an e-mail in your mailbox that you probably never wanted anywhere!

You’re unsure if you ever made any contact with the sender?

Then, I can guarantee that you have landed with some data collector!

That’s annoying!

And, you should have looked in the small print, really!

Serious contests, make this clearly characteristic!


In the consent, in the list of sponsors, in the conditions of participation, you will be informed several times, you can also decide voluntarily that you do not want to be contacted.

This should be the basis for serious sweepstakes!

That you can choose whether you want to be contacted or not.

Why is there a Telekom competition?

That is the sponsors, so that also new customers would like to win!

There’s nothing bad behind it for now.

Yeah, maybe you’re upset, but there’s a reason behind it.

On the one hand, there might be a lottery for an expensive smartphone, which you can win, but on the other hand, the sponsors hope to be able to present their interesting products to new customers!

So pay attention who you want to receive interesting advertising from!

  • For the most anxious, you can still join in by postcard!

When your personal information is used for marketing purposes, it is always a combination of two factors. You on one side, but also the sponsors on the other.

Participants should always know what happens after the participant in a lottery.

This is ensured by the audited Supplier!