So you want to win a smartphone? First of all, you should keep in mind that you only participate in free contests.

And then, I’d like to tell you something about the process.

  • On the one hand, there is the sponsor, who of course sponsors the lottery to win new customers.
  • In the middle there is the provider, who provides the technical infrastructure, so to speak, and of course also gives and receives remuneration.
  • And on the other hand, there are the participants who hopefully win something in the draw.

Black sheep, there are also here, so you should, look out carefully to join the good and reputable provider.

Are often seen as bad that these sponsors want to get in touch with the customers, but, one must also understand the intention behind it.

The world is not for nothing, and it’s all about making contact with new customers.

If you can still win something here as a customer, all the better, can’t you?

Imagine, then, that you’re with the holiday travel provider!

This offerer, raffles a great journey, hopes however in the reverse conclusion, in addition, new customers to generate!

A serious intention, and even to the advantage, for the customers who might win a really good trip!

A look at the conditions of participation for winning a Spartphone will also help here!

  • Is it a German provider?
  • Does this comply with the German data protection rule?
  • What happens to contact information?
  • Can I unsubscribe by e-mail without any problems?

Often a small look at the imprint and the list of sponsors will help!

Under many pages, you can inform yourself, who has already won something.

Look at this when the drawing of the prize is!

Offers and permitted advertising

All in all, it can be said that you pay the participation, so to speak, in the raffle, and the possible profit, with the fact that the sponsors may send their offers!

Afterwards, then complaining with a data collection, is not really appropriate here.

As a rule, honest providers will always point you directly to what happens, how you can unsubscribe, and how to proceed.

Nothing is free in life, and that is even more true for the Internet!

  • And, the data will not be resold by honest providers either!

This is not only unfair competition, but also legally prohibited!

Take a test

A simple test, you can do: Sign up with a new e-mail address.

Then look from whom you get advertising!

And don’t sign in to one and not to the other.

You’ll get from the commercials:

  • As a rule, these are all companies for which you agreed at the beginning to receive these offers.

Worse than before?

And in former times, there were these whole raffles also in newspapers, around either by telephone or in writing participated, there were in the meantime also appropriate advertising letters by post.

There are a few good companies, which of course give away the prizes honestly.

And many people also describe that they have won something regularly.

All you have to do is join in a lot.

The advertising, which you get either through newsletters, serve to refinance on the winnings, but also just to enable you always new and good and more sweepstakes.

And so, you can also increase the actual profit potential again and look forward to winning the smartphone!