You want to win an Amazon voucher, but you are not sure where to participate?

Yes, that’s often a problem.

So in this article I want to give you some helpful advice on how to avoid this.

For the first time backgrounds to it.

In a contest like this, there are three parties.

You as a participant who hopefully will win something and wants to win.

In the middle, the provider who undertakes the technical implementation, so to speak, the whole marketing, the advertising partners, but also the contacts with the sponsors.

And on the other hand, we have the sponsors themselves who often offer the prices.

You see, it’s not that simple.

  • So if you take part in one of these contests, you should definitely read the terms and conditions!

Here you will find, for example so important information, when the participation is valid, so that you do not participate in vain.

It is important to see when the raffle takes place.

Sometimes it can take more than a year or even a year until the prizes are raffled.

Not that you’re suddenly waiting in vain for it.

Only certified suppliers

If you use certified vendors, you are less likely to get a lot of messages and you have a better chance of winning an Amazon voucher.

This is simply due to the fact that you can decide right at the beginning of the competition what information will be sent to you and from which sponsor!

  • With the data collectors out there, you can’t do that. As soon as you are registered there, terribly enough, everything of yours is not only resold, but you are littered with advertisements from which you can no longer unsubscribe either!

Good suppliers

In the course of the registration you will also receive a questionnaire if you are interested in other products.

This simply serves to make you feel better afterwards by sending you only what interests you.

And for the sponsor this also means that he can send you much better information and more suitable products.

Therefore, you should choose at the beginning only that, and register for the things which interest you also.

Second e-mail address

Nevertheless, creating a second email address is always a good idea, so you are on the safe side.

But you should also have access to these, and not be a joke e-mail!

With the checked providers it is also the case that you can easily cancel a registration via hotline or e-mail, so that no further information can be sent to you by this sponsor.

small print

Here you can see once again that it is important to respect the small print such as imprint, conditions of participation, and raffle.


If the organizer wants your bank details, you should definitely not participate!

  • Even when it comes to money, don’t make any bank details visible.
  • Never enter credit card numbers or anything like that.

And make sure they’re always certified contests so you’re on the safe side.

If you have any doubts, then call also simply with the offerer, because there you will usually then also advise in detail.

So you don’t get in trouble or trouble.